Outdoor Motion PIR Cameras supporting on-demand photos are available in our alarm packages

Outdoor Motion PIR Camera detectors featuring a photo camera to visually verify alarms. Can now in addition to photos by alarm, these two new detector models can take photos at user’s request, or by alarm of any other device in the system.

The Titan users now can use updated privacy settings to limit access to visual data in the security system. The new Privacy menu allows setting when exactly users can request photos (when the system is armed or at any moment) and determine users who can make such a request, view photos, or watch streams from the integrated surveillance cameras.

The backstory

Photo verification of alarms has already become a standard in the security industry. Motion detectors that visually verify alarms, even if the security system works only via cellular and with no external power supply, have expectedly become widespread.

A professional approach to the Photo on Demand function

Complete privacy control

With Outdoor Motion PIR Camera, we’ve taken a step forward in protecting privacy and access to visual data. We’ve created the Privacy menu in the hub settings to help Titan users properly control the Photo on Demand function.