Where does Titan Alarms operate?

We serve the Yorkshire area as a partner for Ajax Security Systems to install top end Security Systems.

Can I choose my own products?

Yes, you can create your own bespoke system. The reason we offer the complete systems is that they include what we think are the best products to cover most bases of security. But if you know exactly which products you want, let us know and we can give you a custom quote.

Do you install monitored alarm systems?

The short answer is yes, we work with our partner ProsecUk to offer alarm monitoring and response services.

How long does installation take?

It varies on the size of the property and system specification required for the property in question, but installation shouldn’t go over 2 hours. 

Will the fitting create a big mess?

Our fitters pride themselves on their neatness and tidiness, and you should not notice that we’ve even been there.

Can I set my home intruder alarm at night?

Yes, the alarm systems we provide allow you to fully-set or part-set the system depending on your situational needs. So at night you can leave the ground floor set and the first floor unset, so you can walk around without worry.

Are Titan Alarms competitive on price?

We offer high end professional grade 2 systems and to help with the cost we also offer financing options with Kanda and PayPal to spread the cost for up-to 5 years.

Are Titan Alarms easy to use?

Our alarm systems all come with a very user friendly app and a choice of key fobs or a keypad making the alarm very easy to arm and disarm.

Are our alarms sensitive to pets?

If you have pets at home, don’t worry our PIR detectors all have a pet-immunity algorithm that will reduce the risk of a false alarm.